Thursday, January 19, 2012

Matthew 9

Jesus Heals a Paralytic

Jesus goes to a paralytic and tells him that his sins are forgiven. Some nearby scribes say to themselves that he is blaspheming and Jesus reads their minds and says they have evil in their hearts for thinking that. He then tells the paralytic to get up and go home. When he did, everyone was afraid and they glorified God.

Why was Jesus so hard on the scribes. To them he's just some guy right? If anyone else had done the same thing it would be blasphemy right? 
I'm also not a fan of making it seem like the paralytic is at fault for being paralyzed. Would people who have been in an accident or something read this and think it is their fault? I just don't like that message.

Jesus Call Matthew

Jesus recruits Matthew. Then he sits (along with his disciples) with tax collectors and sinners. The Pharisees asked him why they are sitting with bad people. He said he is not there for the righteous, but for sinners

My first thought was that this is a good message, "don't be a dick to your enemies" or something like that. But then I was thinking, this could be a reason for people to go out and try to convert non-believers, which I'm not necessarily a fan of. Don't get me wrong, I like discussing religion with people, but I don't care for being preached at.

A Question About Fasting

The disciples of John asked Jesus why they fast but Jesus and his disciples do not. Jesus says some confusing (to me) stuff that I think boils down to, "we will start fasting once some big event happens".

I think his analogies would make more sense if I understood the purpose of fasting in the first place. Since I don't it was a little lost on me.

A Girl Restored to Life and a Woman Healed

A ruler came to Jesus and asked if he could revive his daughter who just died. Jesus went with him and said that the daughter was just sleeping. Everyone laughed at him, but then Jesus woke the girl up and everyone was amazed. Also, on the way to the ruler's house, a woman who wanted a healing touched Jesus' clothes and said that she would be healed by simply touching his clothes. Jesus said her faith made her well and she was cured.

Her faith made her well. This is the kind of garbage that makes people believe in things like "The Secret"

Jesus Heals Two Blind Men

Two blind men come up to Jesus and ask to be healed. He says they are healed because of their faith. Jesus then told them to not tell anyone what happened, but they went and spread his fame around anyway.

Again, they are healed because of faith. Also, he asked them to be quiet about it but they go and tell everyone. Is there going to be a repercussion for that or is this going to be the last we hear about it?

Jesus Heals a Man Unable to Speak

There was a man who was mute because he was possessed by a demon. Jesus cast out the demon then the and the man was no longer mute. The Pharisees said "he cast out demons by the prince of demons."

More healing, more demons

The Harvest Is Plentiful, the Laborers Few

After going around and healing, there was a large crowd following Jesus around. He felt sorry for them because they were "like sheep without a shepherd". He said to his disciples to pray earnestly to the Lord to send out laborers to his harvest.

Calling his own followers sheep without a shepherd sounds like and insult to me. I think I don't understand this passage.


  1. In the story where Jesus heals the daughter she is dead (verses 18-19). In Luke (8:41-42) and Mark (5:22-23) she is actually still alive.. This makes me a little skeptical as to what really happened.
    In verse 22 "But Jesus turning and seeing her said 'Daughter, take courage, your faith has made you well. At once the woman was made well", I'm not sure, but I would guess that he's saying that if you have faith, you'll never get sick. I think, again I think, this is one of the justifications for the sects that will not use medicine for treatment or for their kids.
    And the healing of the mute, I am with you on this one.. it seems like people that are born with or get afflictions are blamed for their illnesses.
    In verse 35 he is healing everybody, but again, why is there no contemporary historical accounts of this kind of thing? There are some pretty detailed accounts of some pretty arbitrary stuff during that time, but nothing about a guy going around healing crowds of people of things like paralysis, blindness, etc

  2. Yeah, there are some pretty fantastic claims, and in the stories a lot of people took notice. You would figure at least there would be some documents where someone says "some guy came to town claiming he could cure everyone"


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