Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Book Club: The Problem of Pain

I am going to try a new thing on the blog, I am going to do a book club style thing for the C.S Lewis book "The Problem of Pain". It was suggested by a reader in a comment thread a while back that I read this book and it looks interesting to me. I am going to start with a modest schedule and simply read 1 chapter a week. If this seems too slow I might increase it but I'd rather start a bit slow and speed up than start too ambitiously and have trouble keeping up.

Next week (on the 21st) I will do a post on the introductory chapter. At first glance I thought I might want to skip the "intro" but scanning through it, there seems to be some pretty meaty things to dig into there.

I hope some of you reading will find this interesting and read along with me.


  1. Sounds good! :) CS Lewis is one of the most popular apologetic authors and I've heard good things about him from Christians.

  2. I'm a HUGE Cs Lewis fan and love the idea you started this blog. Check out, I am offering a free Ebook called 'On War: Field Marshal Screwtape' until Sunday.

    Kind of a Clausewitz meets Screwtape set of essays.

  3. Welcome aboard Trader Erik, glad you found the blog


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