Thursday, April 12, 2012

Luke Overview

As I have explained in the past, one of the reasons I am doing this blog is I am curious to see what kind of messages one might get from reading the bible. What might one learn as a take-away. Here is my quick summary of the good and bad from Luke

The Good:

2:46 learning and asking questions is good

3:10-14 help each other out, share with the needy

6:9-10 it is ok to break the rules for a good reason

6:37 don't be judgemental

10:20 don't focus on bad things for others, focus on good things for you

10:33-37 help everyone you can, regardless of prejudices.

12:1 don't be a hypocrite

12:3 don't be secretive

13:10-17 don't follow traditions for tradition sake

12:58 try to settle legal matters outside of court

14:13 be good to people who are down and out

18:11-12 don't be full of yourself

19:45-46 don't use the church for profit

The Bad:

4:12 you can't test God (God should be able to withstand a test)

5:20 you are paralyzed because of sins

6:22 be happy when people persecute you

6:45 people are either good or bad

8:10 Jesus was intentionally more confusing when talking to outsiders

8:21, 18:29 Family is less important than religion

8:48, 17:19 More faith healing

10:11-12 The entire town pays for the perceived transgressions of a few

10:21 God hides the truth from wise men (why hide it from anyone?)

12:10 Blasphemy against the holy spirit is unforgivable

12:51 Jesus is here to divide people, not to spread peace

16:18 Divorce and remarriage is the same as adultery

16:25 Eternal punishment for living a comfortable life

16:28-31 Refusal to give proper warning of hell to the living

17:6 having faith gives you magical powers to command plants

17:7 Jesus endorses slavery

18:5 be an annoying pest until you get what you want

20:16 Jesus gives the exact opposite lesson as the same story in Matthew 21

20:35 Only single people are eligible for resurrection

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