Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Acts 11

Peter Reports to the Church

When Peter gets back everyone is upset with him for sharing the word of God with the Gentiles. But he says that God told him to do it in a vision and everyone is happy with him.

These visions happen a lot in the bible. How could you tell the difference between a vision from God and a regular hallucination? Also, how could you tell if someone was simply lying?

The Church in Antioch

More people were teaching the word of God, many only taught to the Jews, but some also taught to others. One of these places was Antioch where they spoke to the Hellenists.


  1. Insanity is believing your hallucinations are real. Religion is believing other people's hallucinations are real.

    (I didn't say this originally, but I don't know who to quote)

  2. So I was walking down the street preaching my atheism. People were getting really mad at me. I told them that god told me to do this in a vision. That cleared everything up and the my entire city is now on the atheist bandwagon....ah if only I had I had it as easy as Peter and his silly vision...

    1. Maybe it was all sarcasm. Like, if you did this and everyone just sarcastically said "oh yeah, we are atheists now" and you went and wrote in your blog that you deconverted a bunch of people today.


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