Monday, May 14, 2012

John Overview

As I have explained in the past, one of the reasons I am doing this blog is I am curious to see what kind of messages one might get from reading the bible. What might one learn as a take-away. Here is my quick summary of the good and bad from John

The Good

2:6 Church should not be a place of profit

8:7 Don't judge others by a different standard than you judge yourself

9:16 Keeping the Sabbath not so important

13:34 Love one another

The Bad

9:3 A man is blind from birth so Jesus can show off and heal him

12:40 God removes people's free will

14:12 Christians can perform the miracles like Jesus did (clearly false)

19:28 Jesus does things expressly to "fulfill scripture"

20:29 Belief without evidence is a virtue

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