Thursday, June 21, 2012

Acts 28

Paul on Malta

They soon learned that the island they landed on was called Malta. The natives were very helpful and they built a fire together. Paul got bit by a snake and the natives figured that meant he was guilty and the gods weren't going to let him get away. But when he didn't die from the snake bite they changed their minds and decided he was a God.

Is this verse the reason snake handlers do what they do? Looks like it is one verse among a few. Ridiculous. 

Paul healed the chief of the island and anyone else on the island who had diseases. They were grateful and gave them a bunch of supplies when they were ready to set sail.

Naturally, after someone heals all of your sick I imagine you will give them whatever they need.

Paul Arrives at Rome

There was some more sailing and they got to Rome. Paul was allowed to stay in the room by himself with the soldier that guarded him.

Paul in Rome

Paul got to Rome and told the people the story of how he was in prison unfairly. They didn't seem interested in this as he clearly should be free, but asked his thoughts on their sect. He lived there for 2 years and preached.

Again, not terribly interesting. There were no real charges against him, so surprise, he is let free. Hey, what happened to those guys who committed to a hunger strike until Paul was dead. Did they starve to death? :)

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  1. I heard that there is no real evidence that there were poisonous snakes in Malta during that time. Doing a quick google search I seem to get different results. It sounds like there are four species, and at least two were probably introduced there. I can't really say for sure, but it is interesting.

    LoL. Yeah, whatever happened to those guys?


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