Saturday, June 2, 2012

Blogs I Follow

As I have mentioned in the bottom of my posts this week, I am out of town right now. I figured a good way to write up a quick post here would be to simply share with you guys the blogs that I try to follow on a daily basis.  I actually have a fairly long list that I keep my eye on, but there are a few that I really enjoy and try to read every post.

Deity Shmeity by Grundy: An atheist blogger like myself. He takes on serious issues with a sense of humor. I like his style.

Reason Being: Also and atheist blogger. Very interesting posts and usually a bit more serious. Very thoughtful well thought out posts. I really like the attention to detail.

Perfect Chaos: A christian blogger who believes that God is everywhere in everything and is in complete control of everything. I don't think I have agreed with a single thing he has said, but I have had some pretty interesting conversations over there.

The Atheist-Friendly Christian: The title of his blog pretty much explains it. I've had some interesting discussions over there as well.


Note: I am out of town for about a week. There will not be a disruption is posts as I have front-loaded enough content to fill the void while I am gone, however, I will most likely not be responding to any comments until I get back. If any comments do come from me this week please excuse typos as it means I am posting from my phone.


  1. Hey, I made the list! (Also, it's i before e accept in deity.)

  2. I've been to Reason Being, not the other's. thanks.


    1. Glad to share. Thanks for reading :)


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