Monday, July 30, 2012

1 Corinthians 3

Divisions in the Church

You are infants in Christ, so I will feed your spirit with milk instead of solid food. When some of you say you follow Paul and other say they follow Apollos, are you not being merely human? Although you follow different people who follow God, ultimately you all follow God and that is what matters.

Seems to make sense, I guess one way to apply this idea is that different denominations should get along. My impression is that most do but some do argue with each other. As an outside it always looks silly.

If anyone is wise in this age, let him become a fool so he can become wise, for God catches the wise in their craftiness.

So being wise and crafty are the same? Also, the wise should become a fool to then become wise? I'm assuming the first wise is of the world and the second is wise about God or something. But the writing is terrible, is this a translation issue?


  1. On the wisdom thing, I don't see why wisdom is a bad thing. Isn't part of growing older learning wisdom? I know I am a lot wiser than I was five years ago, and five years from now, I will be saying the same thing. As far as a translation issue, you might have a good point. Here
    it sounds like Christians must become foolish before they become wise, but in Psalms and Ephesians, it seems that wisdom is viewed as being the right way to go. Reading through the "compare translations" in the first one, it seems as though a few of them can possibly make sense. I think it goes with the idea of having an open mind when learning stuff and to not think that you know everything.. but it also seems to contradict the first chapter when discussing how God loves the foolish. I think that deciding that you don't know everything is actually pretty wise.. Alright, now I think I am just confusing myself and probably you as well. LoL.

    1. hehe :)

      yeah, I think the problem is they are using the words in slightly different ways and it gets confusing very fast.


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