Tuesday, July 31, 2012

1 Corinthians 4

The Ministry of Apostles

We should be regarded as servants of Christ, and therefore we need to be found trustworthy. But what is it to judge us? A person cannot judge us, it is hard for me to judge even myself, for I find nothing wrong with me. God is the real judge, he will shine a light on things which are hidden in the darkness.

Strange, he starts by saying that he needs to be found trustworthy, and then says that it is basically impossible for humans to determine who is trustworthy and who is not. He also seems to be focusing on the negative side of judgement, although that is probably due to the group he is addressing and the message he is highlighting.

I have applied these ideas to myself, but that was just for illustration, they should be applied to you as well. It is just as hard for you to judge yourself as it is for me to judge myself.

Good strategy. Apply the lesson to someone else first so the audience member can view it without bias, then say to apply it to themselves as well. Also, the idea that it is hard to judge is a good one, you shouldn't be quick to judge, whether it is judging other people poorly or yourself well. Although the message here seems to be not to do it at all, where I think a more reasonable message would be to tread lightly. Know that you will probably judge yourself too highly and others too lowly, and try to adjust accordingly.

You are all rich and we are poor, you are strong and we are weak. Some times we are treated poorly, and only return kindness. You have many guides in Christ but few fathers. I am your father in Christ through the scripture, please use me as a role model.

The message seems to be for the rich to not abuse their power and to treat the poor well. Again, good message. Although to be honest, it feels like I'm missing a whole thing here.

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  1. It is tough to be able to judge. I think there is a good middle ground here. It's good to judge when it comes to your safety or something that affects you. For example, hiring an employee, or teaching your kids not to talk to strangers, or in a courtroom.

    On the other hand, when it comes to stuff that doesn't affect you, and is just petty, that kind of judgement should be ignored. You can't know someone's circumstances.

    I remember taking away from this chapter as a kid not to judge others, it's not my place to judge. That's really up to God.


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