Friday, July 6, 2012

Great "Free" Books

I have recently been taking advantage of the kindle owners lending library, if you have amazon prime and a kindle you get 1 book a month for free. I've pretty much just picked books at random and have found a few books that I have really enjoyed, I figured some of you might also be interested in what I found.

Metagame: This book takes place in the future and everyone has various kinds of implants which access your brain in various ways. One thing it can do is put an overlay on everything you see so that your environment can become the background for a kind of VR video game. Imagine playing WoW where your apartment building looks like a kind of dungeon to you. On the other hand, you can take control of various things around the world to accomplish tasks and make money. It's basically the gamification of everything. On this really interesting and fun backdrop, the book has very compelling characters going through a fun and interesting adventure. I highly recommend this book.

The God Delusion: I actually listened to this book while I was commuting a few years ago, but while browsing recently I saw that it was on the lending library and figured I would add it here. If you've never read it, go check it out.

Everywhere But No Place: Prisons are full. In an effort to make each prisoner take up less space, and to do a better job of rehabilitation, prisoners in an experimental prison are put into virtual reality tanks. This story follows a guy who committed murder in a botched bank job and gets put into the pilot program. During the story we discover many things about the worlds that are created for the prisoners and the AI 'hosts' who control the world. I'm currently about half way through this book and I am enjoying the hell out of it.

Half Way Home: Humans colonize the galaxy by sending out an AI colony ship and a bunch of embryos it will grow once it gets to it's target planet. On this planet, something goes wrong. The people wake up half grown and half trained and they need to deal with a very big problem. [D'oh, looks like this book has been taken out of the lending library since I read it, still worth a look although you'll have to pay 3 bucks]

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