Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm starting a podcast!

Every day, I read a chapter of the bible and write a blog post about it. I usually read it out loud to myself because I find it easier to process that way. About a month ago it occurred to me that while I read it I say a lot of things that don't wind up going into the blog and thought that some people might be interested in that material and figured I'd make it into a podcast. So every day along with my blog post, I will publish a companion podcast entry which will cover the same chapter in the bible. I will read the bible and give my summary and commentary in a more detailed way than I like to on the blog.

I initially had my doubts about whether or not this was worth doing, but then Thomas and the Bible was recommended to me. I have been enjoying the hell out of that podcast, so I figured that someone might enjoy me doing a similar thing. (BTW, if my podcast sounds interesting to you, definitely go check out Thomas and the bible).

I'm uploading an introductory podcast today, and I will start regular posts tomorrow with Colossians.

Introductory podcast

Also, you might notice a new RSS feed button at the top of my sidebar. I tested it and it works in google listen on my phone so I'm assuming it is in general working order.

Oh BTW, I don't really know what I am doing with podcasting, so if anyone reading has some experience with it and has some beginner tips I'm all ears.


  1. Awesome, good luck! And decent quality for a first podcast. I like how you mention that you are looking for examples of Biblical morality, that's the most interesting bit for me too.

    1. Thanks, I just put the first regular episode up. I recorded it last night and listened to it this morning. Realized I wanted to change a few things so I hurried and redid it. I think it turned out better on the second try.


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