Saturday, December 29, 2012

What Christian blogs do you read?

A while ago on the atheist experience, Jen mentioned that she likes to make sure she reads one thing she disagrees with every day. While I hadn't quite thought in those terms, I did make an effort to follow Christian blogs as much as I follow atheist blogs, at one point I went through a handful of top 10 lists of Christian blogs and added them to my feed reader.

These blogs fell in a few different categories, the first was people who are just posting inspiring things for fellow Christians to read. "Be happy today for all the good the lord has brought into your life" and things of that nature. While I obviously disagree that God has anything to do with it, I'm not here to shit all over their positive messages to each other. There was nothing for me in those blogs so I unsubscribed.

There were a few other blogs that I tried commenting on where either my comments would get moderated out for being an opposing viewpoint (I wasn't being nasty, just disagreeing and asking questions) or the other participants were outright hostile to anyone who disagreed with them. These blogs I found frustrating as I am really after a conversation, I unsubscribed. (I suppose I could just be a silent reader, but I like being able to weigh in and get a discussion going)

That leaves the good ones, blogs of Christians who post interesting stuff and welcome a conversation with people who have opposing views. I had found a few of these, but they seem to have stopped blogging lately.

It is my fault as I have not been putting in any effort to find new Christian blogs lately, but I seem to have fallen into a little bit of a bubble of only reading people who are also atheists. I try to be open minded, but I think it would be good for me to read a few blogs of people who I disagree with fundamentally. I recently discovered Speak the truth in love, and that one seems pretty good so far.  Does anyone have any recommendations?

Recommendations from my readers

I have a few suggestions in the comments, so I figured I'd edit the original post to include them here. If anyone else has additional suggestions feel free to share. The more the better :)

Grundy has suggested the following blog
Sheldon Cooper has suggested the following 2 blogs
The Wise Fool has suggested the following 2 blogs
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Thanks guys!


  1. I find it difficult keeping up with the blogs and podcasts (following several comedy 'casts and several atheist ones) while pushing out original content. However, I'll take a gander -- certainly not a goose -- over at Speak the truth in love, even though the name sounds like bad a pop song from the 1970's.

    1. Yeah, I have trouble keeping up with all of my blogs and podcasts too, not to mention youtube channels, tv shows, and video games.

      First world problems kinda kick ass.

  2. I'm glad you followed my over to Speak just so that I can stop commenting with the knowledge that you will call him out of stuff. I don't find that particular author receptive anymore.

    I've been commenting over at Humble Smith for a bit (check his two recent posts on the Kalam.) Same old apologetic WLC syndication, but I like to know the potential problems theists will have with my thoughts so I can address them in posts to my blog.

    I like the Apologetic Professor alright. I disagree with everything, of course, but he is a snappy and entertaining writer.

  3. I was just thinking about this yesterday. I had a good one that I read for a couple years bit it seems to have been taken down a few months ago. I haven't found a replacement I like yet. Fortunately, there is plenty happening right here in the atheist community with which I disagree these days.

    1. "Fortunately, there is plenty happening right here in the atheist community with which I disagree these days."

      Isn't that the truth....

    2. Yeah, I know what you mean about the atheist community, it's really sad. I have no problem disagreeing with atheists just as quickly as I disagree with anyone else, but only if the disagreement is about ideas. Once it becomes people hating and attacking each other personally I completely lose interest. It's a shame we have so much of the latter lately.

  4. I have two Christian blogs that I read.

    One is Commandments of Men, the write is a liberal Christian who nearly married a woman in the "Quiverfull" movement, extreme fundamentalists.
    His blog is dedicated to talking about his experience in that situation, and about fundamentalist cult groups and their beliefs/tactics. Though he's still a Christian, i really enjoy his writing.

    The other is Stuff Fundies Like, along the same lines, but the author tries to get his point across with humor, he was a member of the IFB group that I talk about on my blog, he's more to the right than the writer of Commandments of Men is, I guess you could call him evangelical.

  5. Thanks Grundy and Sheldon. I updated the original post with your suggestions, I figure some people probably don't check the comments.

    1. I don't want my name tied to recommending the first...the professor is okay.

    2. You're welcome, I like the perspective of both bloggers, even though I don't agree with some of their views (obviously)

  6. It seems hard to find a consistently good Christian blog. But then, I seriously doubt I rank as consistently good on either of my blogs. ;-)

    I like The Meekonomics Project from blogger Lauren Sheil. Being a bit of an entrepreneur himself, he's taken up the interesting task of trying to merge capitalism with the teachings of Jesus. Anyone who really understands the teachings of Jesus knows that isn't the easiest task! But the guy's got a sincerity that I like.

    I also check out Comments on My Walk by D S Holland. Some of it is a bit boiler plate and cliche encouragement, but other posts have a unique geeky twist to them which I find curious in a geeky kind of way. Plus he's got an interesting back story in that he is of Native American ancestry, which has some interesting aspects due to the treatment of the Native Americans by the early missionaries.

    1. Agreed, it is pretty much impossible to be good every time, everyone has an off post here and there. I've only been following your blogs for a little while, but I have thought the quality is consistently good :)

      Thanks for the suggestions, adding them to my RSS reader now.


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