Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What Would I Put in the Bible?

Andrew Hall over at Laughing in Purgatory asked a handful of bloggers what they would put in the bible if they the chance. The obvious topics to hit seemed to me to be skepticism, sex, slavery, and women. I got a little carried away and wrote about all of them instead of picking one. Here was my entry on slavery:
10 Conduct yourselves with honor in all things. 11 Treat your fellow man with the utmost respect and always provide him with a fair deal even when you have him at a disadvantage. 12 You are never permitted to own another person under any circumstances. 13 I, your God, have provided everyone with the freedom to control their own lives, it is of the utmost evil to remove from them this right, thus saith the Lord.
To see the rest of the entries, as well as the rest of the Book of Hausdorff, go check out Laughing in Purgatory


  1. You are right Hausdoff...there is nothing uplifting in any of those passages...especially this one:

    Revelation 17:8 Whether or not we are saved was determined at the beginning of time.

    I suppose it is heart warming to read that we are not responsible for our sexual immorality.

    These are exactly the reasons trying to decipher the wacky Bible gives me a headache every time.

    1. Yeah, the idea that the book of life was determined at the beginning of time was a surprise to me. It certainly is interesting to find out what is actually contained in this book :)


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