Saturday, March 9, 2013

Guest on the Bitchspot Report

This week I was the first guest on Cephus and Outwest's relatively new podcast "The Bitchspot Report". I had a hell of a lot of fun doing it and I think we had a very good conversation. For those of you who are not familiar, it is a podcast from a conservative atheist point of view. For anyone like me who enjoys listening to atheist podcasts, I highly recommend you add this one to your rotation. Most atheist podcasters seem to be liberal, which is one of the reasons I was very happy when they announced that they were starting one with a different perspective. It is not a good idea to have all of your information coming in saying the same thing. No matter what your political leanings are, it would be to your benefit to listen to these guys.

Go check them out.


  1. I've always wondered what he means by "conservative atheist". He seems to have a set of opinions all his own.

    I'm very far to the left socially, but I have noticed that I am finding that I disagree often with people on the left when it comes to the size of government, government power, war, and guns.

    People in the atheist community almost make it seem like a requirement for membership is supporting big government, and hating guns, and I very much disagree, we need more variety of opinions in the atheist world, and we need more high profile atheist libertarians and anarchists, they are part of the community to (I figure I belong in the 1st group.)

    1. Totally agree. I think one of the problems is the language has gotten conflated. When the news says conservative, they mean republican. When I think of republican I think of the christian right. I certainly don't think of decreased spending.

      When I listen to Cephus and Outwest, I find that I agree with much of what they say and disagree with a few things here and there. I typically think of myself as liberal, but I think that is mostly social topics. For economic stuff I find I can land in either camp, although a lot of the time I do lean conservative.

      Ultimately I think the labels are a nice shorthand, but they should be a starting point, not an ending point. We should be quick to abandon the opinion commonly held by our chosen label if we are persuaded.

  2. Just listened to the show, good job, Haus. That was my second Bitchspot Report. Between your show, Cephus', Carolla's, The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe, and the Geologic more terrestrial radio for me.

    I'm with you not keeping track of the infighting. I listen to Rebecca Watson on The Skeptic's Guide every week...she seems perfectly reasonable to me.

    1. Thanks Grundy, I had a lot of fun. And I agree about Rebecca Watson, she's great on skeptic's guide.


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