Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dawkins Interviews a Creationist

I recently watched a video where Dawkins was interviewed by a Young Earth Creationist, I also asked if anyone was aware of similar videos out there and Christian offered this one where Dawkins interviews the creationist Wendy Wright. It's totally brutal, she keeps claiming that there is no evidence for evolution, and she keeps returning to this idea that evolution leads to terrible societies. Painful to watch, but still 1000 times better than debates. Dialog is much better than two interleaved monologues that are vaguely on the same topic.

I don't know how he kept his cool

As I watched the video, I've kept track of time-stamps of things that I might want to reference later. Who knows, someone else might find them useful as well :)

0:24 RD: Why are you concerned about evolution?

WW: If we believe we have been created with a soul we are more likely to treat each other with respect and dignity.

1:10 WW: the scientific community censors info that goes against evolution. Teach the controversy

2:35 WW: there's no evidence for macro evolution.

wow, 2 minutes in and I already hate this woman. I really don't know how Dawkins keeps his cool so well.

9:30 WW again says that the scientific evidence for evolution is lacking. RD replies that any time you fill a gap creationists say there are now 2 gaps

11:00 RD lays out evolution of man and asks why she doesn't see this as evidence. WW replies that he bears the burden of proof and should provide evidence. Me screaming at my computer "he just did!"

12:11 WW you are still lacking material evidence RD the material evidence is there, go to the museum and look at it!

13:44 RD tries to get her to answer the fact that he has presented evidence. WW says she's not convinced and when RD tries to ask why she accuses him of aggression and censorship.

14:37 RD I am frustrated, not to suppress you, because I've told you about 4-5 fossils and you seem to be ignoring what I'm saying WW claims the fossils aren't there, she's looked. She keeps returning to the idea that the ideologies that come from evolution are destructive

16:30 WW Why are you so aggressive? RD Every time I ask you about these fossils you evade the question

23:00 WW We respect evolutionists, we wish you would respect us as well. RD Don't respect me, just look at the evidence, don't just believe what you have been told, that the evidence doesn't exist

29:43 RD Can you point to any positive evidence for creation?
WW DNA shows we are each individual.
RD We have to be individual for evolution to work
WW I don't think that's the case
RD I'm sorry but it is

30:30 WW Positive mutations can't be built on
RD Do you actually know what Darwin's theory of natural selection is?
WW I think I know enough

33:00 WW handicapped children is evidence against evolution because she has a spirit

39:38 RD you seem to feel persecuted against yet there is overwhelming Christian dominance in the US
WW I was sentenced to 6 months in jail for simply praying across the street from an abortion clinic
RD give me more detail
WW A judge said you can't do certain things within 100ft of the clinic, so 4 of us prayed in that range
RD asks for more detail. WW said that a few of them were quietly praying and got punished, and yet there were hundreds of pro-abortion people screaming with bullhorns and nothing happened to them.
me: this story is bullshit!

46:18 RD says she should look at the facts
WW replies that she think it is demeaning that he is implying that they don't know things
RD I don't want you to believe me, just go look at the facts
WW returns once again to "look at what that philosophy bears out

57:36 RD When I asked you about evidence you said there were no fossil intermediates, and when I told you about fossil intermediates you changed the subject.
WW insists there should be massive evidence from slime to human beings.
RD That sends me close to despair because the evidence is there, he give an example with fish bones becoming the inner ear
WW asks why he doesn't spend his time gathering evidence and making it available
RD I just did that

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