Monday, May 20, 2013

Everybody Draw Mohammad day

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Today is everybody draw Mohammed day. Apparently this started because a south park episode had a depiction of Mohammad on it, and it got pulled because some people say that depictions of Muhammad are sacred and therefore they were offended. Death threats were thrown around, and someone made the declaration that if everyone drew Mohammad they couldn't kill all of us. (At least that seems to be the picture I get from reading a few wikipedia articles, it is pretty damn likely that I have some details wrong)

What is the point?

As I said above, it is somewhat of a protest against censorship. People got offended and then complained and some art (well south park, let's say "art") got censored. That is bullshit. You don't have the right to not be offended, in fact free speech is sort of the opposite idea. People have the right to say whatever they want, the only speech that needs to be protected is speech that will offend someone.

Why draw these pictures?

Some people are offended by there simply being a drawing of Mohammad, this seems a bit silly to me but I can't tell someone to not be offended. If they want to boycott South Park then more power to them, if they don't want to be offended and they avoid things that are likely to offend them I think they are acting in a prudent fashion. But once they restrict other people's actions based on their being offended we have a problem. That is really what is at issue here, they are trying to control other people's action based on them being offended (the fact that they use death threats doesn't help either)

What should we put in these drawing?

I suppose this is a question that each person participating needs to answer for themselves. There's no right answer, but of course I have my thoughts on it. By simply drawing Mohammad, even if he is doing nothing but standing and waving is going to be offensive. Does that mean it is game on? If they are offended anyway then why not go full speed ahead and simply draw the most offensive thing you can think of? Many people go this route and we see drawings of Mohammad fucking Jesus in the ass and stuff like that. I'm personally not a huge fan of this direction, it seems childish and very dickish to me.

Am I really in a position to get all high and mighty though? My comic has Mohammad talking about having sex with a 9 year old! Well, the difference is that this really happened in scripture (at least if wikipedia is to be believed). The same is true for the rest of my comics, it might say some snarky thing, or have a bible in the trash or something, but it's all based on ridiculous stuff I have actually read in the scripture. I hope it is funny, but I always want it to be based on things that are actually in the holy books. If someone wants to draw a picture of Mohammad eating a pile of cocks that's fine, it just seems like a missed opportunity to me, why not make it funny, offensive AND somewhat accurate?

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