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Genesis 40: Joseph Interprets Some Dreams

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Joseph Interprets Two Prisoners' Dreams (v. 1-23)

2 servants of the king of Egypt (a cupbearer and a baker) were thrown in the same jail as Joseph. They both had dreams and were distraught that there was no one there to interpret them, and Joseph said "Do not interpretations belong to God? Please tell them to me."

I found this statement hilarious, "Do not interpretations belong to God" sounds like he is saying that no person can interpret dreams as it is God's domain, but then he immediately says he will interpret them. So I guess the statement is that he has a direct line to God, or that talking to him is as good as talking to God. Such arrogance! (although I suppose it is justified as God seems to be making sure everything he touches turns to gold)
This is somebody's job?

Anyway, Joseph listens to the cupbearer's dream first and tells him that it means in 3 days the Pharaoh will come get him out of jail and he will get his job back. The baker hears the good interpretation and tell Joseph his dream as well. Joseph tells him that he will be killed in 3 days. Both of these interpretations come true, but the cupbearer forgets about Joseph when he gets back to his job.

Why would the cupbearer forget about Joseph so fast? If he was so desperate to get his dreams interpreted, and then Joseph interpreted it perfectly, you would think it would leave an impression.

From Guzik
Here Joseph is wronged again. He thought that butler’s kindness might mean his release from prison, but it was not to be. God had another purpose.
I find this very interesting. By saying God had another purpose, is Guzik saying that God caused the cupbearer to forget? How does this mesh with the whole free will thing?

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