Friday, June 7, 2013

Genesis 46: Jacob and Joseph Reunited

Today's Podcast

Joseph Brings His Family to Egypt (v. 1-27)

Jacob (Israel) brings his family and all of his stuff to Egypt. We also get nearly 20 verses of the names of his descendants. Your welcome.

I thought it was interesting that the narrator called him Israel, but God called him Jacob in his dream. Didn't God change his name from Jacob to Israel twice? Why does he now call him Jacob again?

[Note: I had an idea for a comic based on this, but didn't have time to make it. God is drunk and telling Jacob he is changing his name to Israel and Jacob asking God if he'll even remember this conversation in the morning, maybe I'll make it later]

Jacob and Joseph Reunited (v. 28-34)

The family settles in Goshen and Joseph goes down there to see them. The Pharaoh says they can stay there because shepherds are an abomination to Egyptians.

Did Egyptians really think that of shepherds? Seems a little nuts as it is a source of meat, I'm guessing they had no problem getting the benefits of the surrounding shepherds. Not that this type of hypocrisy is anything unique.

Jacob says that he can now die since he knows Joseph is alive.

I suppose this is an old expression akin to "Now I can die happy" or something.

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