Monday, June 17, 2013

No More InteseDebate

About a month ago I decided to install intense debate onto my blog. It had a few nice tools, and I like the commentluv feature as it seems like it might encourage some people to post, it also has a good spam filter which is incredibly important. Well, the last few days I've been having issues, some people seem to be getting the intense debate comment form and some are getting the standard blogger form, and only one ore the other will show. So I figured "Fuck it!", I uninstalled intensedebate, but unfortunately it means any comments put down in that time are gone. Bummer. I can still see them in my moderator panel, if I can find a way to get them over I will, but they might just be gone.


  1. I'd probably get rid of ID if they didn't hold all of those comments hostage too. It just doesn't do much and, to be honest, they don't give a damn when their software doesn't work right. I'd love to find a WYSIWYG comment editor but I don't think they exist.

  2. That's kinda a bummer. At least when I dropped DISQUS the content of the comments synced with Blogger comments, if not always the links.

    I'm still glad you dropped it. Intense Debate made it tough for me to leave comments from my work computer since I don't have passwords outside of Google saved on there.

  3. I can still see the comments on my control panel, I was thinking of taking a screen shot and posting as a comment. Not sure if it's worth it. Plus I think they are out of order. At least I only used it for a little while.

  4. I had issues once, but it seems to be working again.

    I like it though I was thinking of heading to DISQUS, we will see in the future.

    1. For me, I consider this lesson learned, I'm just gonna stick with the default blogger comment system


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