Saturday, August 3, 2013

Highlights [Cross Examined, Demon Haunted World, Geeks Without God]

This one is from the cross examined blog. Brilliant stuff.

This is another quote from The Demon Haunted world (kindle location 4116). I've been reading it to my one month old son, I've been trying to decide what to read to him next, maybe hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, that's supposed to be good.

This is from the podcast Geeks without God episode 54. I've often thought that it is a shame that so many people are unwilling to believe in evolution because I find it so fascinating and cool, they are really missing out. When he succinctly said as much on the show, and included the other side of the coin (that creationism is completely uninteresting) it seemed a perfect fit for a meme. It was said at about 13 minutes in, and what followed was a discussion with PZ Myers about how theistic evolution misses the point about the role randomness plays in evolution. Interesting stuff.


  1. I hadn't heard of Geeks Without God podcast. Once my home computer has been repaired, I should download it.

    1. Great, I'm glad to share it :) I started to listen to them fairly recently (15 episodes ago maybe), it's been a welcome addition to my rotation

    2. Thanks for the link too. I am always looking for new ones to make exercise easier.

    3. This is from over a year ago, but my list hasn't changed all that much since then


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