Friday, August 15, 2014

Busy Summer

Sun sets on another summer day.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Those of you who have stuck with me through the last year even though I haven't been posting very often might have noticed that my posts have dropped off even more as of late. Well, it has been a pretty crazy summer. Since my last post we have

  1. Moved across the country (2 and a half day drive with dog and 1 year old baby in tow)
  2. Bought a house
  3. Bought a car
  4. My wife started her job (which was the impetus for the move)
  5. I got a job in our new location
It's been nuts! It's awesome, but we are fucking busy. I just wanted to poke my head out and say that I haven't gone away. I love blogging and I do intend to come back to it when I can. I miss it. When I get things under control I hope to get back to doing at least 1 post a week, hopefully more. Realistically though, I doubt I'm going to get a real post out in the next month or so. I am definitely going to continue with the bible posts, I have another long term project I want to get going when I have time for it (hahaha), and I think my new job will give me some material.

Those of you still following me, thanks for sticking around, I'll have a real post up as soon as I can manage it.


  1. Glad to hear all is well and hope you and the families settling into the new life and city is going well. Oh and I don't envy that drive.

    1. Thanks :)

      The drive did suck, but we had something good to look forward to at the end, so it made it not nearly as bad as it could have been.

  2. Best of luck, pal. You know we're all thinking about you. Come back when you can, we're patient. :)

    1. Thanks man. I have at least one post in my head that I'm itching to get out. Hopefully I can do it soonish, but seeing as it took me a week to respond to a few comments... :)

  3. :: wanders in after a long hiatus ::

    When time allows you to return to the blogosphere, we'll be here. In the meantime, enjoy your new home, new job, and family.

    1. Thanks man :)

      Just about to start week number 2. Really fun but super duper busy

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